Church Roots - 2007 & Beyond

Even though we are a small church, we were able to make some much needed major improvements to our church foundation over these last 3 years. 


After many years of patch jobs, a focused campaign to get the funds needed to replace the seriously compromised roof was started and the generosity of a few parishioners put us over the top in being able to afford a brand new roof. The entire roof was removed and replaced with a better material that should last far longer than most of us currently worshiping here.


In January the boiler in the church needed serious repair or replacement. After moving to the warmer church hall for a few weeks, a generous friend of the church contacted a heating company to install 2 new boilers, at little cost to the church.


The biggest wish of the parish for the previous 40 some years, was to have a parking lot that was not only paved, but safe. We were able to achieve that milestone in July, 2009! 

Several bids had come in from contractors with exhorbitant amounts that we initially believed would force this dream on the back burner yet again, after many years of praying for it. One bid finally arrived with a much more manageable number at the bottom, and that company was given the work. We had received a generous grant in April which put us about $6,000 shy of the total bid. Again, we were blessed with generous large donations from a few parishioners and were able to pay the initial bid immediately upon completion of the work. There were several unexpected expenses from the Town of Cheektowaga that the contractor has graciously allowed us to pay as we could. We were able to make full payment before the end of 2010.


Our Vicar during 2010 (Rev. John Russell) encouraged the parish to be generous with our abundance and to give to Episcopal Community Services as often as we could. His encouragement went a long way and at the annual Diocesan Convention in October, we were presented with the Most Improved trophy. We were delighted that Father Russell was able to be there to accept the honor, as he was instrumental in our achievement.


Father John took a fall in late October 2010 and was unable to continue his services with us, so we relied on "supply" priests for the remainder of that year. In discussions with the Diocese we were advised to consider a Priest-in-Charge position and invited Rev. Alison J. Martin to accept the position in the Spring of 2011, after she had served several months with us. We were delighted when she accepted and we would have stability back in the pulpit.

Our kitchen was painted and new cabinets purchased in time for Fish Dinner Season (Lent), and the kitchen crew enjoyed the "new" facilities.

We were approached in the Spring about hosting an athletic group on part of our "back 40" as we like to call it, but in reality it is about 3 acres of lawn. Bumpy, soggy lawn. Since the Spring was so wet, and the rain continued into the Summer, they held off until the Fall, when they asked to use the grounds for a touch football league. We agreed and received a donation towards the groundskeeping. In an attempt at some different fundraising, we grilled hotdogs every Saturday afternoon to sell to the players and fans. We barely broke even, but it was a lot of fun!


Another chapter began with Pastor Alison at the helm. We undertook a couple of capital improvements on our buildings... the 2 car garage door in the rectory was replaced, and the windows in the upper level of Hannah Hall were replaced. After many, many years, we are finally able to open the windows to let the fresh air in, instead of always relying on air conditioning! What a blessing!


This year opened with a need for a new lift chair to get those that need a bit of help up the stairs to the upper level of Hannah Hall. We have been reviewing some quotes and are on our way to have the new chair installed in time for the Lenten Fish Dinners to start.

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