Question: What is a church without fun(d)-raising?
Answer: Boring!

There is always some type of fun(d)-raising going on at most churches, and St. Patrick's is no exception.

We host a few annual events for outreach, capital projects and ministry.   In the fall, St. Patrick's bakes and sells dozens and dozens of Christmas Cookies to support our Outreach ministries.  During Lent, the parish fries, broils and prepares fish, seafood and chicken during each Friday during Lent, including Good Friday, and Ash Wednesday.  In the spring, we host a theme tray auction to benefit the American Cancer Society through our Relay for Life support team.  In the fall, we host a theme tray auction to provide for our capital projects.  Most recently we have added the sale of Rada Knives© as a fun(d)-raiser to support capital projects. <<See the Rada page for on-line ordering information.>>